#DinnerTime The Famous FishSmith

Taco Tuesday at Fish Smith really does have a good ring to it. Even better is sitting on the beach, munching away on these delicious things while watching the sun set on the last day of summer… but we’ll get to that story soon.

After my recent visit to Melbourne I realised how much it sucks when you want to be a local in a new city. Wandering streets trying to find the best eats, and I’m talking the ones where you’d find the locals. Not the tourist spots but the local spots. Back in Auckland, one of my colleague has just transferred up from Wellington and through this I find myself selling Auckland, the best spots to go in the weekend or where to eat or go for a after work drink. Wow, I actually know my way around here! I’ve found that over the last year or so I’ve gathered a fair bit of knowledge about the good wee spots. Not just the adventures on the city fringe but also the good eats, the best Asian fusion or where to get the best froze in Ponsonby and beyond. And so this brings my to introduce a new segment on the blog, introducing… drum roll please…. Places. Places: a particular position, area in space, a location. Just thinking about it gets me excited as I have so many places to share with you all; but for now we’ll start with the story of the simple fish taco, and how one can enjoy these with beach front views all year long.

I do love a good taco, and recently fish tacos have been up there. I first herd of the Fish Smith just over a year ago when I was flatting with 4 others in Ardmore road, just around the corner. One of the boys swore by it and their infamous fish tacos. However, for whatever reason I never got around to getting any myself and then for about 12 months I completely forgot about them. It wasn’t until we were having a picnic dinner down at Sentinel Bay to see in the New Year that their name crept up again. Sadly, much to my disappointment they were closed over the Christmas break and weren’t yet back in business. Oh was it ever meant to be.

 Fast forward to the end of Feb and the technically the last day of summer and I finally got my hands on these bad boys. And wow. They were good. Even the coleslaw they use, the mayo is pure deliciousness and they’ve got the addition of wee mung beans, which is surprisingly good. The fish is fresh, the taco soft and the whole combo is simple. It’s not over complicated. Just good, honest food like you’d want it to be. Since it was the last day of summer, and the fact that the idea of swapping fries for a garden salad at a fish and chip shop just doesn’t sit well with me, I found myself munching away on the delicious, golden fries they serve! Yum! Kate got the Spicy Chickpea Bite Burger which I’d also rate pretty highly (although fish tacos were the clear winner!), it was like a sub filled with mini chickpea falafels and served with slaw, red pepper salsa and aioli.

Located in the delightful Herne Bay, it’s not your cheapest fish and chips (at $16 for a full meal it’s not bad but not super cheap and cheerful!), but it’s well worth the splurge if you can afford it. Even better take your dinner for a 5 minute stroll down to Sentinel beach with a picnic blanket in toe (and togs if you’re feeling really adventurous) and make a evening out of it. I reckon it’d be a pretty cute #datenight if you took a bottle of vino with you. Note: Sentinel beach isn’t the best for the sunset (but you could always drive down to Point Chev beach, 5 minute drive, if this is more your scene – know it’s mine!)

You can find the menu here and be sure to give it a go next time the fish taco cravings hit! And I hope you’re already looking forward to the next place I have to share (I have so many beauties stocked up!)

Enjoy! Theora xx

Food: 4.5✮  Super tasty and spot on
Ambience: 5✮  Bustling – The beach vibes totally swayed this one!
Price: 4✮
 A little on a spency side for takeaways in my opinion


The Best Fish Tacos & Chips
Spicy Chickpea Bites Burger

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