Anawhata Beach

Another summers day equals another beach adventure and this one was pure gold! One of the West Coast’s best kept secrets, it’s got all the beauty of Piha without the crowds or chaos. It’s tucked away about a 55minute drive from Auckland central with about 20minutes of that on a gravel road down to the beach. I took two friends who have recently moved over from the UK and another on holiday from Australia out these ways and they were well impressed. As we drove through the rolling farmlands, lush green forest and got nearer and nearer to the destination  to see glimpses of the beach there were many ‘Oh my…’ ‘Wow’ ‘This is just stunning’ Making the drive 100%l worth it and realising how good we’ve got it in little wee NZ! When we finally got to the carpark (which itself has a killer view of the beach) it was clear that this spot was a good choice.

Armed with plenty of water, watching shoes and a few pieces of fruit to keep us going we headed down the gravel road and into the depths. It was about a 20 minute wander down until we arrived at the black sand beach. Absolutely breathtaking. Although the water was too cold for a swim, there is a wee stream that runs down the middle which was perfect padding temperature (and we may of had to cross it to climb the big rock and see the rest of the beach…). The Anawhata beach is a quieter relative of Piha, Bethalls or Mirawai  black sand beaches but due to the remote location and non-carpark access there is so many fewer people here, making it the perfect spot for a cute picnic.

The real gem of this beach is a wee untouched tripled tiered swimming spot with a killer view of the beach, although it was not easy to find. At all. It doesn’t appear to be documented on the internet at all as I guess this is why it’s one of the West Coasts hidden gems and untouched swimming holes. So I’ll respect the unwritten word and keep it secret from the world wide web! (Since it’s on a private property I think this might be why!) But thankfully, after much Instagram stalking, a couple of wrong turns and a few cuts from the gauze, we made it. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

After taking in the view we stripped off and went for a quick dip, lucky for me the water was surprising warm and rather shallow so it wasn’t a bad swim. While we were there we saw a few other groups here for similar reasons and even a guy who had set up camp with his guitar and a book, simply taking the views in and watching the afternoon go by – Seriously this guy knows what’s up!

Since it’s all hush hush and a secret…if you do want to check this spot out, give me a DM on Instagram and can pass on the directions! It’s absolutely worth it if you’ve got a spare afternoon and are up for the adventure!

Theora xx



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