#BreakfastClub: True Food & Yoga

This place is true to it’s name and is a little piece of wellness on the outskirts of the Auckland hustle and bustle. Just a stone throw away from the city complete with beach front views, healthy yet delicious food and a yoga studio out back for those that way inclined. I can see how this place has quickly become so popular within the yoga and wellness community that seems to be ever-growing in Auckland.

I first herd of this spot a few months ago, but up until earlier this week havn’t found myself out Mission Bay ways. A few days ago, on Thursday a few friends and I signed up to the latest Lululemon light run which was a 5KM group run from the Britomart store, along East Tamaki Drive and finished at True Food and Yoga with a stretching session and a large glass of lemon ginger kombutcha. It was a beautiful evening, complete with tribal face paint, good vibes and the satisfaction that you had completed a workout at the end of it! By the end of it we were all feeling pretty #BlessedOut and ready for a good nights sleep. The yoga studio here is absolutely beautiful and the team here have made such a great use of the space, and balancing both true food and true yoga for a full wellness experience.

Fast forward to Saturday morning and the latest #BreakfastClub, the sun was shinning and True Food and Yoga was the top suggestion and what a brilliant idea that was (if I do say so myself!). The whole vibe of the café was peaceful, earthy and just somewhat relaxing. We sat outside which was completely opened up leaving us to not only enjoy the views beachfront and harbour views of the city from afar but also get up close and personal with the ambience of birds chirping from the forest behind and squeeze in some people watching down the boardwalk – including obnoxious tourists, cyclists and the fitspo jog past (making us feel slightly guilty for our less than active start to the weekend).   Looking around (and at the menu) this place looks like it would be the evening perfect date spot to watch the sunset over the city harbour! They even have decked the place out with fairy lights on the ceiling – so cute!

The coffee was fab and the food was simple, wholefood and absolutely delicious! I got ‘The Crush’ which was kinda like a potato hash salad with kale, mushrooms and hazelnuts topped with a poached egg. Although not quite what I was expecting the flavours were spot on. Amber (who shall be known as the Pancake Connoisseur – but we’ll get into this soon) was predictable in her breakfast choice and as you can imagine went for ‘The Stack’ a series of mini matcha pancakes served with caramelised banana, blueberries and yogurt. From the bite I had – I can see where the high praise comes from; they may have been small in size but were packed with flavour and were pretty special.

Now to the Pancake Connoisseur, a girl who has a love of pancakes and over the years of breakfasting in the big city has started judging the weird and wonderful pancakes of Auckland’s best cafes. From the highly decorative candyfloss and flowers to the more down to earth and straight to the point she’s been silently judging. With the new ‘Places’ section and our love of Saturday morning breakfasts to kick-start the weekend, the Pancake Connoisseur will likely be making a guest appearance on the #BreakfastClub posts from here on in.

These matcha buckwheat pancakes were tricky to rate. Normally I’d consider the pancakes fluffiness to be a pretty important feature, however, due to the nature of the ingredients these pancakes were more dry and dense than usually desired. Luckily the addition of the freshest blueberries, tasty maple and a hefty helping of yoghurt well and truely made up for it. The banana was a real feature for me. Rather than the classic cooked banana we have come to expect, they instead coated the raw banana with sugar and torched it while on the plate; resulting in a delicious caramel crunch coating. I tend sway towards dishes where fewer components are used effectively – and these were almost perfect.
A solid 4.5★ from the pancake connoisseur.

You can find the menu here or follow their instagram @truefoodandyoga

Enjoy! Theora xx

Food: 4.8★ The perfect wellness breakfast packed with delicious yet simple flavours 
Ambience: 4.8★ The early morning and sunny day vibes were great
Price: 5★  Pretty reasonable for a breakfast ($16-$24)

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