#BreakfastClub Catroux

This place is one of my personal favourites (and a squad regular) as it never seems to disappoint. With our good friend off in less than a week it was only fitting our Saturday Morning brekkie was at the famous Catroux. This gorgeous wee cafe is down and around the corner from most of us in the suburb of Westmere, about a 12 minute drive from the central city. Next door is the most amazing butchery, which you also have to checkout for dinner that evening. It’s sure to impress the meat lovers in your life.

Catrouxs’ decor is minimalistic and elegant with a vibrant atmosphere and some of the best cabinet salads I’ve seen in a long time! Seriously – check these out they’re incredible and so so delicious. In fact my Tuna Rice Salad was inspired by one of theirs a few months ago. Nevertheless, we were here for breakfast so they were out of the question. I managed to steal a cute table outside in the sunshine and await the arrival of the squad.

We’ve all been here multiple times and slowly tried out way through the menu (and it’s a bloody good menu at that), however recently they’ve changed their menu ever so slightly and little did I know how much of a treat I was in for. I opted for the Mushrooms with cauliflower puree, buffalo mozzarella and honey roasted hazelnuts and could not fault it! It was a piece of art and the flavours worked wonderfully together – definitely one to attempt to recreate later one. Also can we please just take a minute to appreciate the beauty of these pastel plates…I need these in my life. However, if that doesn’t sounds like your cup of tea there’s always the pumpkin pie pancakes, fitness salmon bowl, seasonal muesli or some killer smoothies.

Sadly, this weekend, the Pancake connoisseur wasn’t up to her usual tricks and opted for the savoury Kumera Rossi and since the latest menu update hasn’t tried their pancakes (the previous ones were top notch tho!). Lucky for you guys another friend rated them a solid 4/5 but sadly with no snaps. No need to worry, the squad will be back (likely very soon) and I will have to update with a review once they’ve been properly tasted and seen! The other gals got the rhubarb muesli and braised beef black bean quesadilla both presented beautifully and tasted great, or so I’ve been told…

The coffee (EightThirty) was fab, the food was fantastic and the chat was on point. We even spotted a Instagram celebrity or two (these guys know what’s up!). If you’re ever in the area it’s a must for a breakfast/brunch spot – and well if you’re not it’s worth the drive! Find them on their website here or follow them on instagram and admire their food porn from afar. If you end up there – let me know what you think!

Everyone was pretty hungry – hence the lack of photos of all the meals! Sorry team!

Food: 5★ 
Ambience: 4.8
Price: 4.8


Theora xx

IMG_2064FullSizeRender 23
FullSizeRender 21


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