Salted Peanut Butter Treats

Peanut butter and caramel are at the top of my addiction list, ask anyone and they’d agree! So with Easter upon us, a “guilt free” solution was on the cards – and I say that with air quotations as they’re probably not all that healthy if you eat all 32 in one sitting! Moderation right?

Anyway, I found this recipe for chocolate peanut butter hearts and for the next few days it was calling my name! The peanut butter filling was so similar to the Chelsea Winters Snickalicious slice I had the other week (Thanks to the work slice off!) and recreating a healthier version was a need, not a want! The original used icing sugar but I substituted this with potted dates which even worked in my favour, adding a caramel-like taste and avoiding the additional refined sugar. This filling might just be what I needed for a “healthier” snickers slice (Shh. Recipe in the works!)

It’s Easter, and Easter means a plentiful and usually sickly amount chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and all that sugary goodness that comes with. As Cyclone Cook hurled through the country last night, closing roads and ruining out Easter plans for a night camping in the coromandel – in true Herne Bae style we had a dinner party. And while we didn’t get to leave Auckland the #baes we’re together and a good time was had. After all its people who make the memories just as much as the places! (Camping is still going to happen one weekend though!) I brought these peanut butter hearts along for a sweet treat, and that’s exactly what they were!

These are DELISH! Yummmm! They’re along the lines on a reese’s pieces with less chocolate and better for you! These will come out again, and again and lucky for me they require very little prep or effort and are cheap to make

Enjoy & Happy Easter! Xx


1/2 cup peanut butter
1t vanilla bean paste or essenece
1T coconut oil
12 pitted dates, softened
1T rice syrup or honey
Pinch of salt
Dark chocolate
1T coconut oil
Salt flakes (optional but recommended)

1. Soften the dates in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, drain and add to the nutri ninja/blender.
2. In a small bowl combine peanut butter, vanilla, coconut oil and rice syrup and pinch of salt. Microwave for 30-60 seconds to soften the peanut butter and add to the nutri ninja/blender and mix until well combined – you should get a delicious peanut butter mixture.
3. Press into the mould (I used $2 silicon ice tray moulds from kmart!) and freeze for about an hour.
4. Once frozen, chop the dark chocolate and combine it with the coconut oil and microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring between, until melted.
5. Remove the peanut butter hearts from the freezer and dunk in the melted chocolate using a fork to drip the excess chocolate. Once coated in chocolate, place on a baking paper lined tray and sprinkle with salt. Continue until all hearts are coated. Drizzle any additional chocolate over the hearts and place in the freezer for 15-20 minutes until set. Store in the freezer until ready to eat. Let soften in the fridge or at room temp for 5 minutes before serving.
6. Share with friends, family or flatmates and enjoy without the guilt!


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