#BreakfastClub Moloko

A new café has come on the foodie scene in Auckland bringing a Russian twist on your everyday breakfast and might I add it is bloody delicious! Located in Meadowbank, this delight is a little further out of the city than the usual breakfast spot but is well worth the trip and your taste buds will be in for the treat. An abundance of free parking right outside is a huge plus and something you don’t come across very often in Auckland! The décor was light and refreshing and the hum of chatter echoed throughout the café as we arrived.

The coffees were as any good coffee should be, an absolute must although I will say Amber and myself were a little disappointed in the service and put it down to teething issues and possibly a culture difference – either that or we were just forgotten about. In saying that, once our order was taken, our coffees were prompt and the food soon after.

Things were done a bit differently here, with no smashed avocado on the menu our Saturday mornings were starting off a bit adventurous. The café prides itself on a balanced menu of kiwi brekkies with a Russian influence which shone through as we scanned the menu; A bacon benny on polenta, The big brekkie done with souvlaki and ricotta and sour cream. There were a few tempting choices on the menu which will have us coming back for round 2! Having learnt that the menu changes seasonally every few weeks only gives us more reason to head back and do it all over again.

I had the bruschetta with goats cheese, caramelised pear and pomegranate which I cannot fault. It was gorgeously presented and the flavours were amazing. Overall it was sweeter than I had anticipated however the pear and goats cheese are an absolutely winning combination and it was presented beautifully. The pancakes were just as delicious, light and fluffy from the ricotta and they didn’t skimp on the fresh fruit, which is always a good thing. The chefs in the kitchen know what they’re doing as they absolutely nailed both of these dishes.

The Russian twist is creative and brings a whole new dimension to a classic breakfast in your typical Auckland cafe. I can only hope they’ll sort out the teething/service issues because I think this place is one to watch out for in the Auckland foodie scene! I could not fault the food, and after all good food always trumps good service.

Food: 4.9 
Ambience: 4.5 
Service: 3.5
Price: 4.8
Bathrooms: N/A




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