Mercer Bay Loop

Another long weekend calls for another adventure out west! So a plan was formed, and thankfully the weather pulled through for a pretty stunning afternoon. Post gathering up the squad and some snacks (an absolute essential!) we headed out to see what the Waitakere Ranges had installed for us today on the Mercer Bay Loop walks.

This one happens to be one of the few popular waitak walks left to tick off the bucket list. About 20 minutes you’ll reach a fork with the left continues along the loop track and the right detouring to a lookout – which is highly worth it! The views down Waitapu and the black sand coastline is breathtaking. If your only doing the loop track, which takes an hour from car to car, this would be the perfect place for a picnic or to take a break. When you continue down around the loop about 10 minutes later you’ll reach a fork in the track, with the option to go back to the carpark or you can also continue down to Karekare beach which adds about 40 minutes each way onto the trip.

Being the keen walkers we are and making the most of the day, we ventured down to the beach and despite a rather muddy track, we made it unharmed! Down at the Karekare beach, we had a break and had some snacks to keep us going. We didn’t quite make it to the beach as a river and fear or wet feet for the return to the climb stopped us. However, knowing the rest of the west coast beaches I can only imagine what it would be like!

You can find more about the track here at Epic Little Missions or get directions here! Enjoy and tag me @simply_theora on Instagram if you end up venturing out those ways! Would love to see the pics Xx



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