Satya Chai House

First things first, this place lived up to the hype. It was amazing, the food was so so yummy and the chai was the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. Oh and I can’t forget how cool the atmosphere and decor were – it truly took you a world away!

Now, I’ve been dying to try this wee ‘instagrammable’ Indian Chai house for a while now. I’ve only heard amazing things and tonight I finally ventured that way. On first impression it doesn’t look like much, the entrance way is a small, well-lit alley with beer cans hanging from the ceiling with coffee sacks curtains as you reach the end. Taking another step and peering behind the woven sacks and already you feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of Auckland city life – a perfect evening escape into a world far more magical. We were no longer in a typical Auckland restaurant, but rather down a South Indian alley with aromas of curry, spices, and chai.

Everything here plays a part and contributes to the amazing atmosphere, from the beer crate seats to the hanging plants and the coffee sack entrance way. They’ve absolutely nailed the brief. The menu in short but from what we’ve been told you can’t go wrong. We ordered the Chicken Manchurian, Dahi Puri and Idli Fry. For us, the chicken was a clear winner and packed a good punch with the Indian spices – lucky for me it was softened by the garlic and soy. The cabbage and onion it was served with was also surprisingly yummy especially served with the lentils cakes. The Dahi Puri which was recommended to us with high praise did not disappoint, and while I have never had one before, the sweet and savory combination was divine. To finish we had masala chai (because when at a chai house…) and it lived up to our expectations. In fact, it would have to be one of the better chai teas I’ve had in my lifetime.

The only niggly experience we had was that it’s the kinda place where you have to get up and order over the counter, while not an issue it sadly took us longer than it should have to realise this. In saying that, all in all, this place is so magical and very reasonable priced. You truly forget you’re only metres away from inner city life and half expect to walk out into an Indian street market or something!

Needless to say, I nailed the choice of venue for this evening’s activities and dining. Of course, when you have good food coupled with good company you really can’t go wrong.

This spot is ideal for a cute date night or an weekend escape for snacks and tea with the gals. Highly recommend. Check them out on facebook and go visit their Satya South Indian Resturants website here.  The one in Sandringham backs onto the full  restaurant which serves a range of delicious curries, parathas and southern Indian delicacies. Friends have only told me good things, and it’s been added to the list next time I’m craving a curry! Plus if the Chai House is anything to go by, I know it’ll be good!

Food: 4.8 
Ambiance: 5 
Service: 2
Price: 4.8
Bathrooms: N/A


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