Tumeric Latte

These have been one of my many latte additions this winter as I curb the morning coffee with another hot drink. Lately, it’s been Chai lattes (recipe coming soon) or hot cups of tea…until a good friend of mine introduced me to these. The key ingredient is turmeric (as the name suggests) which is a winter godsend of antioxidants and immune boosting properties for the cold winter ahead. Even better, they’re super simple to make and only need a few household ingredients. Trust me I have been having plenty of these this Winter!

At first, I ย was a skeptic. Turmeric Latte, surely this is just another trend, but thankfully I was pleasantly surprised and quite enjoyed the taste! Which is a huge plus as turmeric is so so good for you. The sweetness from the cinnamon and honey balance the strong taste of the turmeric and with subtle peanut butter undertones what’s not to love.

While turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory it’s poorly absorbed in the body and when taken alone, the body will not gain the full nutrients and benefits from it. ย There are a few things, which may seem a little weird, but help to enhance its absorption.
1) Adding Black pepper can improve the absorption of turmeric by 2000% in the body.
2) As Turmeric is fat-soluble it’s much more effective when taken with fat which explains why we add nut butter or coconut oil to the mix.
3) Heat it up to increase the solubility or curcumin – it’s best to heat over a slow heat over the element to fully dissolve the turmeric

The original recipe for this was from the lovely Nadia Lim over here, however, have modified slightly to taste and added additional cinnamon.


Serves 1
1t turmeric
1t cinnamon
1t peanut butter
1t ginger or fresh ginger grated
1t honey or maple syrup
1/2t vanilla essence
1 cup of water/almond milk (coconut milk also works)
1-2 ‘cracks’ of black pepper

Combine all ingredients in a Nutri-blender until frothy!*
Heat on a low heat over the stovetop and pour into a mug. Sprinkle with additional cinnamon to serve.

*This is essential as gives your ‘milk’ a frothy latte layer. If your blessed to have a milk frother you could blend 1/4 cup with the other ingredients into a paste, heat over a stovetop to dissolve the turmeric and heat the rest of the almond milk with the frother.


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