#BreakfastClub Goodness Gracious

I’ve been to Goodness Gracious on multiple occasions and this Sunday morning was just like the rest. A slice of New York right in our own backyard and without the jetlag. And if that doesn’t already have you convinced…the coffee is exceptional and this wee spot is, in my opinion, is the home of the best Bagels you can find in Auckland. They use fresh Best Ugly Bagels have that perfect balance of a doughy centre and a crunchy glazed outside! Yum! Seriously, guys, this little bagel joint is the cutest thing since sliced bread! I first discovered it about a year and a half ago when our company was doing some design work for MediaWorks, one of my colleagues had been over those ways in Eden Terrace for lunch and came back raving. Soon after, a meeting was scheduled just before lunch and we popped up the street afterwards to check out what all the fuss was about. 

The small urban black and white cafe is exactly the type of place you’ll find every breed of bagel loving hipster sipping on coffee come Saturday morning. While small, on a sunny day the customer’s sprawl over the sidewalk out onto trestle tables or waiting for takeaway coffees. The staff are so lovely and the service is top-notch! The wee cafe packs a mighty punch with over 15 delicious and unforgettable twists on the classic bagel, you really can’t go wrong. Starting with its own twist on the classics with house made berry jam and lemon curd for only $5.50 and working your way up to my personal favourite the Wilbur for only $11 complete with spiced pulled pork, coleslaw, and an apple chutney. But no need to worry, they have options for everyone. A veggie bagel with avo, tomato, and halloumi or the CAB which stands for Chicken Avocado Bacon is another goodie and timed favourite or go all out for the Bene Bagel. For the gluten free or non-bagel lovers they also have a range of delicious salads available and porridge – don’t worry, they’ve got you covered! They even have clean smoothies on offer and these bad boys are about as healthy as they get, refined sugar-free and full of all the good stuff. The peanut butter one is to die if you’re in the mood for a post-bagel treat. P.S You can find my version of the shake over here – which is just as good and from the comfort of your own home! 

Goodness gracious has recently opened a second cafe in Parnell and although I have not ventured those ways yet, I can only imagine good things! A friend, Georgie from Georgie Eats has been there and loved it! Apparently, you can even choose your bagel in Parnell, and I’ve been told the Parmesan bagel is incredible! Will have to check it out for myself sometime soon.

While I do hear rumours that the bagels in New York taste better due to something in the water…without a plane ticket, a couple of grand and a few weeks vacation to spear these will do it the mean time. So bagel lovers, you simply just check this out! Check out their gram or view their menu and get down there when you can!

Food: 5 
Ambience: 4.8 
Service: 5★ Amazing service by the team!
Price: 5
Bathrooms: 4★ Small but cute!)=



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