#BreakfastClub Honey Bones

To us, millennials, brunching with the gals as we venture into another weekend is highly considered a ‘sport’. And I use the term ‘sport’ loosely as while 9 times outta 10 Activewear is compulsory, this is usually for the flexible waistband and comfort to tuck into a delicious feast without the guilt. Given the popularity and copious amounts of new eateries launching weekly in Auckland, we never need an excuse to brunch. Needless to say, a new opening within walking distance from home is always a reason to celebrate and dig into a new menu!


The newly opened cafe, Honey Bones, is situated on Richmond Road. In the heart of Grey Lynn, it ticks all our boxes. It’s got a great vibe, the decor is minimalistic and well considered given the small space, the branding is beautifully clear, the food is delicious and the staff friendly! What more could you want in a local? I can see a great future for the new kid on the Grey Lynn block, as both a spot for a morning coffee on your stroll to work or a lazy Sunday breakfast – but get in quick for a table! This cafe, whilst small, packs a punch and was absolutely buzzing come 10am. Thankfully we arrived just before the rush and nabbed a table. It’s only 9:45 on a Saturday and we’re already winning this weekend.

Everything on the menu intrigued me; from a bacon butty to smashed peas with picked butternut to cured salmon, they’ve got something to offer everyone and at a very reasonable price too! Given the torrential rain outside, I opted for the winter warmer of buckwheat porridge serviced with black doris plum, berries, chia seeds and coconut milk which was something a little different and absolutely divine! One of the girls got the ricotta pancakes which was served with poached fruits, a hazelnut crumb and date syrup. This one looked incredible and had raving reviews, plus what’s not to love about that trio if you’re craving something a little sweeter. 


While the porridge was exactly what I wanted, what really had me with a case of food envy was the abundance of delicious looking meals walking past me to find themselves in front of the many breakfast-goers. The beer croquettes looked to-die for and the smashed peas, ricotta and poached egg is a combo I couldn’t look past, the Turkish poached eggs with mushrooms and crisp sage was another mouth watering combo. All of this can only mean one thing, I will be back after the Euro trip (and when the bank account has recovered!). Which on a side note – leaving in less than 10 days!

This new corner spot, while small in size is sure to become a local favourite in no time! The epic smoothies and breakfasts on offer will have your mouth watering and without doubt wanting more. Be sure to take some friends and try this one out! Honey Bones is one to watch whether it’s a takeaway coffee you’re craving or a sit-down breakfast with outstanding food and a great vibe! 

Be sure to have a look at their beautiful gram and go for a stroll next sunny Sunday to check out the food, coffee and cute pottery – It’s insane!!

Food: 5 
Ambiance: 5 
Service: 4.8★ 
Price: 5
Bathrooms: NA. Unsure if they have any!



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