Murawai Beach

Like all of the black sand West coast beaches, this one is just as beautiful as the rest, but this one’s a little special. The gannet colony has stolen my heart and is one of the most beautiful spots I have watched the sunset from to date. The soaring and gliding of birds overhead, the … More Murawai Beach

Mercer Bay Loop

Another long weekend calls for another adventure out west! So a plan was formed, and thankfully the weather pulled through for a pretty stunning afternoon. Post gathering up the squad and some snacks (an absolute essential!) we headed out to see what the Waitakere Ranges had installed for us today on the Mercer Bay Loop … More Mercer Bay Loop

Astro Photography

I, alongside many other New Zealanders, braved the ice cold morning and caught a glimpse of the Eta Aquarid Meteor shower which I stumbled upon via the trusty Facebook. Although hesitant at first, I mean, would it really be that cool and was getting up before 3 am worth it? Yes, yes and a hundred … More Astro Photography

Anawhata Beach

Another summers day equals another beach adventure and this one was pure gold! One of the West Coast’s best kept secrets, it’s got all the beauty of Piha without the crowds or chaos. It’s tucked away about a 55minute drive from Auckland central with about 20minutes of that on a gravel road down to the … More Anawhata Beach

Omanawanui Track

Auckland anniversary calls for another adventure and to get out and explore our very own backyard. After all might as well celebrate the city we live in by getting out of it – right? This track is another west beaut and is regarded as one of the “secret” jewels of the west – as I am … More Omanawanui Track

Goat Island

This place is truely one of the many gems of Auckland! Just over an hours drive up North this summer go-to and semi roadie is an absolute must. I’ve made the trip multiple times in the past year or so and it has never dissapointed. It’s a pretty awesome Marine Reserve nearby Leigh and is … More Goat Island

Fairy Falls

This ones a throwback to when the sun and out in Auckland a few weeks back and the second time I’ve done this walk. In fact, the first was the afternoon of moving up to Auckland almost a year ago. Wow it’s amazing how quickly time flies, could have swore it was only the other … More Fairy Falls

Tongariro Crossing

Last weekend (Labour weekend) was spent with the extended fam bam down in Taupo for a good old fashioned re-union. Aside from a few car dramas before arriving (I’ve learnt a lot about my car this weekend!!) and the shortage of ripe avocados it was a fab weekend and great to see everyone once again. … More Tongariro Crossing

Karamata Falls

Another one curtesy of Epic Little Missions this website is my absolute go-to when I want an outdoors adventure around the Auckland area. Thanks a bunch guys! Do you know what I absolutely love about Auckland? Well asides from brunching it’s gotta be the amount of beautiful spots only a short drive away. The Karamata Falls … More Karamata Falls

Silo Park

This place is seriously magical. In the summer it transforms into a popular weekend escape. Aucklands of all ages can grab a bite to eat from one the finest street food they have on offer, browse the pop-up night markets and take in the talented street performers. All of this and more turns what could have been a … More Silo Park

Te Henga Walkway

A Saturday morning is off to a good start with the sun shinning, you’ve got a coffee in hand and you’re strolling down the beach taking in the stunning views. This is how today started and it only got better from here. Having previously planned a epic little mission on to the Te Henga Walkway with a good … More Te Henga Walkway

Rangitoto Island

Queens birthday rocked around without any real plans on what to do for the long weekend. Having left it too late to plan a weekend away and hearing the weather was going to be absolutely stunning some last minute planning was in order. Having being left stranded and car-less for the weekend we decided on … More Rangitoto Island

Tawharanui Reserve

This ones a throwback to summer days when the air was warmer, the sun was shinning and weekends were for adventures opposed to cuddled up with a hot cuppa tea and a good book/TV series. Oh if only we could rewind back to relaxing beachside with little to worry about now that we are well … More Tawharanui Reserve

Lantern Festival

The last couple of weeks have been welcoming in the Chinese New Year. With the Lantern festival being at the heart of the events Auckland puts on for it. I’ve been before a few years back when it was hosted in the Albert Park in the centre city. Since then it’s grown (as has the population … More Lantern Festival

Piha Beach

The other week I was introduced to yet another TV series, The Shannara Chronicles.  Set in a magical land thousands of years after the destruction of civilisation. It follows a elven princess and human as they embark on a quest to stop a Demon army. While getting lost in the mystical nature, costumes and CGI of the show I started … More Piha Beach

Haumauti Spring

A post New Years getaway with the girls is always a good idea before heading back to reality. With somewhere to stay in Rotorua we headed down with hangovers in the afternoon of the first. With less than desirable weather our first day was a relaxing one. Once shopping and familiarising ourselves with the smell … More Haumauti Spring

Bethells Beach

Newly arrived and settled in Auckland city I have been at a loss of things to do while friends are at work and I have the weekends off! So I have recently joined meetups and this was the first one I have ever gone to. This was with Feet First and was a photography walk about … More Bethells Beach

Mount Maunganui

I have been kicking back and soaking up the sun this Christmas period after having spent almost a week in The Mount with family. The weather was stunning (90% of the time) and had some great times with the fam. I spent a good chunk of my time rediscovering my love for photography. From bush … More Mount Maunganui