Highs & Lows of July

Another month rolls over, and we head into August – The ‘final’ month of winter in NZ. Which brings hope that longer, sunnier days are just around the corner with all the excitement and opportunity they hold. This post is something a little different, a reflection post. I’m writing this at about 11pm on a Tuesday night, … More Highs & Lows of July

Going Sugar Free

The halfway mark – not that I’m counting or anything! 15 days without sugar and I’m feeling more energized and motivated. I’m a little chirpier in the mornings and despite the early morning wake ups I find I have more energy come the evening. So what’s changed you ask? I now start the day off … More Going Sugar Free

Junk Free June

Junk free June is just around the corner and it got me thinking. What is junk food? What does junk free really look like? For everyone this is different. Google defines junk food as ‘pre-packaged food that has low nutritional value’. Some define junk food as sugary drinks and chocolate, to others it’s takeaways and on … More Junk Free June