Epic Peanut Satay

Peanut satay is one of those go-to staple dishes I have to try whenever I head out and it’s on the menu. Recently I’ve had delicious satays from both Tok Tok and Hot Hot Asian Eatery, both are creamy with a splash of chilli and oh-so-nutty. This weekend I had the one billionth attempt at … More Epic Peanut Satay

Berry Quinoa Granola

This Monday, much like every other Monday, came around far too quickly and after another stunning weekend, it was back to work (at my new job might I say).  It’s been a whirlwind of a week starting a new job; from meeting the team, learning the ropes and a Christmas party all in the first week. They say … More Berry Quinoa Granola

Caramel Cookie Slice

In my books, caramel slice makes everything better, whether that’s keeping yourself busy on a rainy day, recovering from an injury or just feeling a bit blue, in this case, all of the above. Post an adventurous weekend exploring the bay of islands and beauty the north beholds (read all about it here) and a … More Caramel Cookie Slice

Kumera Kale Fritters

The last few weeks since returning from an incredible 3 weeks overseas exploring Europe (See my blog posts on Greece, Barcelona, Paris and London) have been insanely busy. I’ve also encountered the typical post-holiday blues and started planning my next adventures (a roadie up North and a South Island roadie). Since being back home, I’ve had … More Kumera Kale Fritters

Tumeric Latte

These have been one of my many latte additions this winter as I curb the morning coffee with another hot drink. Lately, it’s been Chai lattes (recipe coming soon) or hot cups of tea…until a good friend of mine introduced me to these. The key ingredient is turmeric (as the name suggests) which is a … More Tumeric Latte

Roasted Carrot Soup

This winter sucks. Yes, I probably say that every winter but for some reason, this one feels worse than the rest…at least for right now, in this moment. It’s also the first I’ve been counting down the days to escape to the European summer. In less than 30 days, I will find myself on sailing between … More Roasted Carrot Soup

Quinoa Porridge

Frosts have fallen almost overnight and with these cold temperatures comes, despite our best wishes; summer is well and truly over. All of this makes getting out of bed in the morning harder and harder, particularly to hit the gym before work. At least I know I have a delicious, warming breakfast and a hot … More Quinoa Porridge

Protein Pancakes

Some Sundays you’re out of bed by 7:30 and off to Lululemon yoga for a fab morning workout, others you’re feeling a little lazier and it’s a pancake in bed kinda morning. Today was the latter. And you know what, that’s absolutely fine! I’m all about that balanced life – I say after winning and consuming a … More Protein Pancakes

Aubergine Pizzas

I’ve been wanting to try these out for a while now although aubergines have been killer spenncy and they kinda seem like a dinner party nibble more than a full meal for one (but I could probably eat about 20 of these in one sitting). And boy did they turn out well, exceeding expectations without … More Aubergine Pizzas