Berry Quinoa Granola

This Monday, much like every other Monday, came around far too quickly and after another stunning weekend, it was back to work (at my new job might I say).  It’s been a whirlwind of a week starting a new job; from meeting the team, learning the ropes and a Christmas party all in the first week. They say … More Berry Quinoa Granola

Tuna Rice Salad

First blog post for the year and we’re already in mid January – so as you can guess it’s been a pretty busy few; relaxing on holidays harder than you think as is getting back into the swing of things when you return to work! But 2 and a half weeks and I think we’re … More Tuna Rice Salad

Fairy Falls

This ones a throwback to when the sun and out in Auckland a few weeks back and the second time I’ve done this walk. In fact, the first was the afternoon of moving up to Auckland almost a year ago. Wow it’s amazing how quickly time flies, could have swore it was only the other … More Fairy Falls

Tawharanui Reserve

This ones a throwback to summer days when the air was warmer, the sun was shinning and weekends were for adventures opposed to cuddled up with a hot cuppa tea and a good book/TV series. Oh if only we could rewind back to relaxing beachside with little to worry about now that we are well … More Tawharanui Reserve

Sushi Rolls

As far as Sunday’s go today was a rather lazy one. After a mid afternoon nap and lounging around I made myself useful in the kitchen. Today’s mission – Sushi. Fresh, delicious and healthy sushi. The beauty of sushi is not only how simple it is, but it is up to you to choose the … More Sushi Rolls

Piha Beach

The other week I was introduced to yet another TV series, The Shannara Chronicles.  Set in a magical land thousands of years after the destruction of civilisation. It follows a elven princess and human as they embark on a quest to stop a Demon army. While getting lost in the mystical nature, costumes and CGI of the show I started … More Piha Beach

Mount Maunganui

I have been kicking back and soaking up the sun this Christmas period after having spent almost a week in The Mount with family. The weather was stunning (90% of the time) and had some great times with the fam. I spent a good chunk of my time rediscovering my love for photography. From bush … More Mount Maunganui